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When you need insurance, it’s important that the agent who handles your case treats you like people (not a policy number) and uses their industry expertise.  Freedom Brokers will go out of its way to make sure what matters most is protected by using all available resources

 Freedom Brokers Agency  agents are not just knowledgeable about different types of policies; they also know how best protect individuals’ valued assets with personalized service.

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Paul Roth

Direct: (888) 334-3837 ext. 104
Office: (618) 364-0378
Fax: (618) 529-1904

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Heather Williams

Tony Longlois

Licensed in Michigan
Office: (618) 364-0378

Jan Morris

Direct: (618) 364-0378

Wayne Morris

Direct: (618) 364-0378

Tim Barnfield

Direct: (888) 334-3837 ext. 117
Office: (618) 364-0378
Fax: (866) 832-0821

Doug Huber

Licensed in North Carolina, Georgia, and Indiana
Direct: (888) 334-3837 ext. 102
Office: (618) 364-0378

Mike McCall

Licensed in Illinois
Direct: (888) 334-3837 ext. 106
Office: (618) 364-0378

Barb Schafer

Licensed in Illinois
Office: (618) 364-0378
Toll Free: (844) 863-7333 ext. 114

Kristy Campbell

Licensed in Illinois
Direct: (618) 364-0378 ext. 0
Office: (800) 870-3901

Greg Schafer

John Mashni

Larra Lipe

Caleb Hilliard

Tammy Smith

Andrew Mitchell

Jason Mitchell

Nicole Mashni

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